Thursday, May 17, 2012

Put My Business On Facebook

If you happen to catch a TV commercial today, you'll see how smart companies are now using ALL of their advertising efforts to invite, push, pull, drag, or entice their customers to connect with them on Facebook. 

When a customer (or potential customer) clicks LIKE on your Facebook site, they become connected to your business. Having someone LIKE your Facebook site is even better than having them sign up to be on your junk mail list, or email newsletter if you have one. 

Once they're connected with you on Facebook, you can do more than the typical sales pitch letters via email or coupons by junk mail, but rather, you can have a conversation with fans that are interested. 

Connecting & communicating through Facebook is the most actively used form of communication today, 2nd only to 'actual phone calls'. If you'd like to save the time, money, & possible awkwardness of picking up a phone & calling all of your customers to remind them that you exist (to keep top of mind awareness going) then try social media, but more specifically - Facebook.

You can set the page up for your business - free of charge, but if you'd like professional help from a company that takes businesses from social obscurity to a buzzing popularity, contact Chad @ 3Q Social

Leave Message - (435) 625-1795

   (435) 625-1795 

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