Thursday, October 20, 2011

St George Embraces Social Media

St. George, Utah is not behind the times when it comes to embracing current technology and trends. Many small to medium sized businesses in the area have responded to the clear move of world-wide big business into the realm of social media as a form of marketing and customer service. "Now the little business owners can be on the same playing field as the big boys in big business," (Joe W.) one small business owner stated when asked if he was going to put his business on Facebook. "Facebook is a great place to connect to your customers, a great place to speak to your customers, to handle problems that come up and a good place to reward loyal clients."

The trend to put your business on Facebook is clear and visible. "Just go to the movies, in the previews before the movie you see trailers for upcoming movies and at the end of each trailer it says, 'Like us on Facebook'." Joe said, "Nearly half the commercials on TV now push you to Like their Facebook site." The reason this trend is still going and growing in popularity is simply because of the numbers. Facebook now has over 750 million people, using their site, checking in several times a day to keep tabs on their family, friends, and even local places that they do business with. If you have not yet put your business on Facebook, do not hesitate another minute. The average person on Facebook only "Likes" (or connects to) about 30 - 40 businesses. You probably want to be one of the Business pages that the people in your community likes, and every day that you don't have a presence in social media, is another day that you're allowing your competitors to take market share.

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